Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, all future meetings, including the Annual Parish meeting, are cancelled until further notice.

I shall post on here all payments made by the parish council each month as would normally be published on the monthly agenda.

Any planning applications received during the period the council aren’t meeting, will be circulated by email to the parish councillors for them to give their responses and the official response from the council to the planning department will be the majority of those responses  If any resident wishes to make a comment regarding a planning application for the councillors to take into consideration, please email the Clerk on  [email protected]

May payments

Payments and finance report May 2020

April payments

Payments and finance report April 2020


A guide to Parish Council meetings

If you have any queries please contact the Clerk at [email protected]

Previous agendas are below

Agenda Mar 2020
Agenda Feb 2020
Agenda Jan 2020
Agenda Dec 2019
Agenda Nov 2019
Agenda Oct 2019
Agenda Sept 2019
Agenda Aug 2019

Agenda July 2019
Agenda June 2019
Agenda May 2019
Agenda APM April 2019
Agenda Apr 2019
Agenda Mar 2019
Agenda Feb 2019
Agenda Jan 2019
Agenda Dec 2018
Agenda Nov 2018
Agenda Oct 2018
Agenda Sept 2018
Agenda July 2018
Agenda June 2018
Agenda May 2018
Agenda APM April 2018
Agenda April 2018
Agenda March 2018
Agenda February 2018
Agenda January 2018
Agenda December 2017
Agenda November 2017
Agenda October 2017
Agenda September 2017
Agenda August 2017
Agenda July 2017
Agenda June 2017
Agenda May 2017
Agenda April 2017
Agenda March 2017
Agenda February 2017
Agenda August 2016
Agenda July 2016
Agenda June 2016
Agenda May 2016
Agenda APM April 2016
Agenda April 2016
Agenda March 2016
Agenda February 2016
Agenda January 2016
Agenda November 2015
Agenda October 2015
Agenda September 2015
Agenda August 2015
Agenda July 2015
Agenda June 2015
Agenda Annual Parish Council May 2015
Agenda April 2015
Agenda March 2015
Agenda February 2015
Agenda January 2015
Agenda December 2014
Agenda November 2014
Agenda October 2014
Agenda September 2014
Agenda August 2014
Agenda July 2014
Agenda June 2014
Agenda May 2014
Agenda April 2014
Agenda APM April 2014
Agenda March 2014
Agenda February 2014
Agenda January 2014

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