Details of temporary traffic orders including diversions – click on the link for details

Wymondham Road closed – 31st May – 1st June

High Street closed  2nd June – 8th June



In response to community concerns regarding speeding in the village, the Parish Council purchased a SAM2 vehicle activated sign. The Sign records speed and date/time data (not registrations or any other specific details that would identify vehicles or drivers) to make fuller use of it and produce evidence to support perceptions.  The speed of vehicles is recorded before the sign flashes to warn to slow down so it gives an accurate picture of vehicles speeds through the village.

The sign is moved at regular intervals to pre-authorised locations in the village.  This tool enables the council to analyse data and over time build a picture of where speeding occurs and when there are patterns. This can be used to inform the Norfolk Constabulary and NCC Road Safety partnership so that the issues can be focused on with evidence.

The full data report is available on request from the parish clerk at [email protected]

The 85th Percentile is an important set of data when it comes to implementing successful speed management.  Mean speed and 85th percentile speed (the speed at or below which 85% of vehicles are travelling) are the most commonly used measures of actual traffic speed. Traffic authorities should continue to routinely collect and assess both, but mean speeds should be used as the basis for determining local speed limits. (

Hackford Rd, incoming Feb 23

High St opposite 39 Jan 23

High St opposite No 12 Dec 22

Wymondham Rd – facing Wymondham Nov 22
Hackford Rd October 22
High Street August 22
High Street – facing Kimberly July 22
Wymondham Rd – facing Wymondham  May/June
Hackford Rd – Feb/Mar 22
High St facing up the street Mar/Apr 22
High St Apr 22


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