Annual Audit and Accounts Documents

Annual Expenditure
From 2015 Parish Councils must publish all expenditure over £100; below is the list of all expenditure by Wicklewood Parish Council during each financial year.

Expenditure 2022.23
Expenditure 2021.22
Expenditure 2020.21
Expenditure 2019.20
Expenditure 2018.19
Expenditure 2017.18
Expenditure 2014-15
Expenditure 2015-16
Expenditure 2016.17

Exercise of Public Rights 2022.23

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2022.23

Annual Accounts

Annual accounts 2022.23
Annual accounts 2021.22
Annual accounts 2020.21
Accounting Statement 2019/20
Annual Governance Statement 2019/20
Annual accounts 2018.19
Annual accounts 2017.18
Annual Accounts 2015.16
Annual Accounts 2014.15
Annual Accounts 2013-14
Annual Accounts 2012-13
Annual Return 2011.12
Accounts for 2010/11
Accounts for 2009/10
Accounts for 2008/09

Internal Auditor Report

For Internal audit report from 2021/22 onwards see Accounts

Internal audit report 2020/21
Internal audit report 2020/21 (full)
Internal audit report 2019/20

External Auditor Report

External audit report 2022.23
External audit report 2021.22
External audit report 2020.21
External audit report 2019.20
External audit report 2018.19
External audit report 2017.18
External audit report 2016.17

Asset Register

Asset Register January 2016
Update to Asset Register May 2022

Declarations of Interest

Policy Documents

The following policy documents have been agreed by Wicklewood Parish Council.  Please click the link to view the relevant document.

Planning Application Policy Sept 23
Code of Conduct Approved 2023
Financial Regulations 2019
Standing Orders April 2020 (Covid 19 update)
Risk Assessment – SAM2 sign – Sept 23
Risk Assessment – Financial – Sept 23
Risk Assessment – Village Hall – Sept 23
Risk Assessment – Playing field and play area – Sept 23
Risk Assessment – General – Sept 23
Risk Assessment – Allotments – Sept 23
Equal Opportunities Policy May 2012
Wicklewood Hedge Policy 2017
Agreement with Bowls Club re shared utilities

Freedom of Information

From 1st January 2009, Wicklewood Parish Council was, by law, required to adopt the model publication scheme relating to Freedom of Information.  The scheme assists members of the public in knowing what information the Parish Council holds, and how much it would cost to gain access to this information.


Click on the link above to view the publication guide, detailing the information the Council holds and where you can find it.

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