Village Survey

Wicklewood Parish Council would like the views of the residents on their future plans.  There is annual fund called the Parish Partnership Scheme that can fund 50% of the cost of a project that is Highways related.  We were recently successful in getting this funding for the footpath along the High Street that will be built this year.  The next project the council would like to do is to build a bus shelter at the bus stop outside the Cherry Tree pub. The cost to the parish council, if we get the 50% funding, is expected to be approx £2,000 and it is possible we may get some further funding towards it as well.  Part of a succesful bid for funding is evidence of local support, so the council want to know, do you, the residents, support this?  The village is fortunate to have retained its bus service which is particularly important to older and vulnerable residents, so whether or not you personally use the bus service, do you think this would be beneficial to the village?

The Parish Council would also like to know if you have any other suggestions or requests for future funding bids to this scheme.  Remember it will only fund things that are on or beside the highway.  Things they will NOT fund include: speed limit changes, streetlighting.

Please do let us know your views.  You can phone the Clerk on 01362 699769 and leave a message on the answerphone or email [email protected]   Please give your name and address, this will remain confidential.

We look forward to hearing what you think.  Thank you

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